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Fire Pit Glass

In an era of extreme makeovers, there’s no material more necessary for dingy fireplaces and outdoor fire pits than glass.  Glass replaces fire logs and cinders with a array of colors.

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Flower Arranging Glass

Make a statement with tumbled glass nuggets and glass rocks. In lieu of ubiquitous bark mulch, glass can provide a striking groundcover.

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Aquarium Glass

Tumbled glass chips are a superb aquarium gravel. The translucence of glass lends itself to under lighting providing an unprecedented effect in aquatic environments.

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Jelly Bean Glass

Smaller, kidney-shaped, irregularly sized glass pieces with polished edges range in size from apple seeds to standard marbles.

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Landscape Glass Uses

Gone are the days of bark mulch, stone groundcover, and earth tone colored rocks. From dry riverbeds and fountain accents, to flagstone fillers and rock gardens, the rainbow of colors available in glass is unprecedented in landscaping applications. Because it’s tumbled, the glass won’t cut. Because it’s 100% recycled, the glass is environmentally friendly. And because it’s colorful, the glass will allow your landscape project to take on a striking life of its own.

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Terrazzo Glass Uses

Never before have such vibrant colors been available to designers of terrazzo flooring. Recycled glass chips are a modern addition to an ancient flooring technique dating back to Michelangelo and the Renaissance. The unique affect of glass can transform an environmentally sustainable floor into a stunning work of art and can even increase the durability of a flooring installation.  As with traditional terrazzo marble, the smaller size glass chips provide a traditional look while larger size chips provide a bolder, more aggressive appearance.

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Countertop Uses

Artisan crafted concrete countertops have grown in popularity over the years, providing customers the ability to customize the dimension, shape, color, and texture of their countertop surfaces. Recycled glass aggregates have been an equally popular additive to recent designs by adding color, variety and, most significantly, a third dimension—depth. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself vanity or a manufactured full-size slab, glass can bring out the shine in any countertop concept.
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Aquarium Uses

Tumbled glass chips are an exciting substitute for ordinary aquarium gravel. Its translucence lends itself to under lighting and the mixed colors provide beautiful underwater hues. Furthermore, because the glass remains motionless, it allows beneficial bacteria to grow within the glass chips in essentially the same way as traditional aquarium gravels. Spoiled fish are happy fish…spice up your aquarium’s display appeal and style with glass.
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Fire Pit Glass Uses

In an era of extreme home makeovers, nothing revitalizes old, dingy fireplaces and outdoor fire pits like glass. Available in a customizable array of colors, it is the ideal replacement for outdated lava rock and ceramic logs, burning with natural gas cleanly and consistently well below its softening point. Custom homes, restaurants, and world-class resorts have all utilized glass in their fireplaces and fire pits. And now you, too, can achieve this stunning and intriguing look.
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Swimming Pool Uses

One of the many limitations of traditional plaster materials in swimming pools is lack of sparkle and depth. This is precisely where glass works its magic.  Whether in a terrazzo-like or exposed aggregate finish, faceted glass chips reflect and illuminate sunlight, adding an entirely unique dimension to any swimming pool.  Almost any combination of colors can be incorporated either alone or in combination with traditional pebbles or quartz. And because glass pebbles don’t react with harsh swimming pool chemicals, it may actually extend the life of your pool.
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Glass Color

Glass is colorful. It’s vibrant, shiny, translucent, and brilliant. Cobalt Blue, Cranberry, Crystal Turquoise, Moss Green, Pink Champagne, Amber. These colors never fade—they aren’t affected by sunlight, by UV rays, by good weather or bad. The color is literally baked into the glass. And because of its naturally faceted surface, glass is able to add a unique spectrum of light and color to any project. With more than 35 standard colors and an unlimited quantity of custom colors available, there simply is no limit to what you can do with glass.

Recycling Glass

ASG Glass products are 100% recycled. The glass is received as recycled post-consumer glass bottles from various domestic sources, including material recycling facilities (MRFs) in Park City, Utah, Los Angeles, the Intermountain West, and various other locations along the West Coast. The glass is also received as recycled post-industrial glass window scrap and furnace cleanout from various window and glass product manufacturers in the Salt Lake City area and the East Coast.

About American Specialty Glass

ASG Glass opened its doors in 2001 recycling bottles and windows for the terrazzo industry. Since then, it has expanded its product offerings and capabilities to everything you see on this website.  Located in North Salt Lake, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, ASG operates several glass-melting furnaces and colors the glass using proprietary methods and formulations.  All of ASG Glass products are manufactured from 100% recycled content and supporting documentation for LEED projects can be provided upon request.